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Fig. No. 1: View of our kitchen (cucina) looking east.  In the corner is our scabas
San Casciano Bagni) stone galley sink.  The tiles were hand painted by a
ceramicist from Verna, a little town near us.  We discovered that when we went
to his studio to buy a hand-made salad bowl and he was making tiles just like

Fig. No. 2:  A view out the kitchen window facing west.  This window used to be
a door leading to a storage area on the second floor of the space that's now the
kitchen.  We removed that floor and made the kitchen a 2-story space, 12' high
in some places!

Fig. No. 3:  That's our friend, Laurie Heron, in the dining room (sala da pranzo) facing north.  The heart of the house, we spend at least
60% of our time in this room.  Through the doors on the right you can go out to a slightly elevated terrace, and stairs from the terrace
take you down to the backyard.  Through the arch on the left is the stair that goes upstairs to our bedroom, master bath and living room.
 The downstairs bath is just beyond the arch and the guest bedroom (cantina and the original manger) is opposite the arch.  Note: the
big map of Roma behind Laurie on the right is now installed on the wall above the arch on the atrium side, thanks to our Italian
construction crew, Silvano and Natale

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