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Fig. No. 1:  The rear terrace.  We're starting to build an overhead trellis (pergolato) for
grapes.  The terrace faces east and is perfect in the morning for hanging out and
drinking cappucino's.  It also works equally well for sipping  negronis or bellinis at
the end of the day.  

Fig. No. 2:  The view from the terrace, south.  That's our
neighbor Alda's house behind ours.  In the lower area, just
below the terrace, is where our garden will be.  We're planning
it now.  So far it's going to be about half hardscape and half
native plants and trees.

Fig. No. 3:  The view of our house from our vegetable garden
(orto).  The tree in the foreground is an ancient pear.  It still
produces pears.  In the area beyond the pear we're putting in a
small orchard of fruit trees, about 12 total.

Fig. No. 4:  What it's all about!

Fig. No. 5:  Hang'n on the
terrace.  Late afternoon,
Campari & soda, and friends
visiting.  It doesn't get any

Fig. No. 6:  Steve, amazed by our good fortune.

Fig. No. 7:  Marilyn showing her green thumb techniques.  

Fig. No. 8:  Watering at the end of the day, a time for quiet reflection, the warmth of the sun, and a cool breeze.

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