Benvenuti a Valuberti and Steve and Marilyn Johnston's
website!  This is the place to find out where we are, why
we're here, what we're up to, and much, much more.  So sit
back and enjoy
la dolce vita online!

Map of central Italy.
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Map of part of the Provincia di Arezzo.  Valuberti is highlighted in yellow.  
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Fig. No. 1.        The gravel path to Alda and Claudio’s ivy-covered house.  The grassy path that
slopes down to the right leads to Claudio’s vineyard and vegetable garden.  You can just make out
their covered terrace on the right to the rear.

Fig. No. 2.        A view of the borgo from the “end of town” looking south.  On the left are Valeria’s
house, the chapel, the casa padronale, and our house.  You can’t quite see Alda and Claudio’s
house in this photo.  On the right is the Schlichtings’ storage building.   That’s Bob and Denny’s
Range Rover in the foreground.

Fig. No. 3.        Bob and Denny’s
porcellaio to the left and the casa
padronale to the right.

Fig. No. 4.        The porcellaio terrace with teak deck
chairs.  There are cushions hiding in the porcellaio that
will be dragged out later for Bob’s afternoon nap.

Fig. No. 5.        Valeria’s house to the left and the Giometti chapel to the right, just on the far side of
the door with the grille.